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Marti About Me

I have practiced for many years and I continue to LOVE WHAT I DO! I use an integrative approach, combining the best fit in theoretical techniques which are designed to help children, youth, adults and families (along with professionals) develop solutions to challenges that are interfering with success and well-being. My office has nature trails for the occasional outdoor connection. I use an experientially based cognitive-behavioral model. I work with the very young to young adults and families, consult with school teams, and provide supervision with both new and experienced therapists.

School Team consultations are collaborative in nature and specific recommendations are given that include interactions and strategies. In all child, youth, adult, and family referrals I identify needs while building a therapeutic relationship to foster change through specifically designed interventions. Insights and strategies are shared with parents (based on age). Strategies support growth and well-being in all settings. Equal attention is given to each person’s sense of self. I welcome teaming with school staff.

I stay current with the latest techniques used for individual therapy with children,  youth and young adults. In each referral I assist understanding identified challenges and learning effective strategies for change and help individuals develop a stronger sense of well-being. I provide family therapy through a family strength approach to create subtle shifts in family hierarchy, balance, and interactions. Families can find behavioral and relationship challenges with children and youth to diminish and stronger family patterns to emerge.

My Training and Background

My doctorate is in Counseling and Human Development from The University of Rochester in therapeutic counseling and psychological development.. I have post-graduate certificates in both Early Intervention from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and the Department of Pediatrics, and Supervision of Supervision through the Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. I completed a year long clinical experience with Linden Oaks Sexual Abuse Treatment Services (LOSATS).

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (focusing on areas of anxiety, depression, and rigid thinking patterns) and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (in the area of families with children and couples). I am a Trained Experiential Therapist (including experiential trauma techniques, Play Therapy, Art, Sand, Music Therapy, for children, youth, and adults), and an Early Intervention Specialist (focusing on clinical diagnoses and interventions for young children). My advanced training supports traditional clinical and experiential/integrative  child to older youth and adult therapeutic interventions, family therapy models, and systems interventions. I have extensive experience teaming with families and schools.

Skye Meet Skye!

 Meet Skye!!! Patients wanting to meet her can request a special visit at the end of a session in which Skye can get a ride to the office! Skye is extremely gentle and is a frequent choice for a celebration for patients using strategies. Please ask if you become a patient of mine and want to visit for part of the session with Skye!




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