Consultation And Training

Any group or agency is welcome to participate in both the consultation and training process. Consultation and Training is offered to therapists, as well as to agencies serving young people from birth to age 29 (e.g. Preschool and day care programs, child service agencies, school programs K-12, and university training programs). This can be hourly, daily, over a period of days or monthly. Ideally a follow-up consultation or training assists in effectiveness and the ability to fine tune the specific plan that is always given at the outcome of a consultation or training. Specific insights and recommendations are developed to fit the uniqueness of each case and systems challenge. Clinical Social Work, Family Therapy, and Play Therapy supervision is also available. Individuals seeking Supervision for Clinical Social Work, Family Therapy, Play Therapy, or Early Intervention contract specifically for what they are seeking to accomplish.

Possible Consultation or Training topics include (but are not limited to):

Marti Zion

  • Insights and interventions for specific challenges, including child, youth, adult, and family cases.
  • Child/youth and family systems interventions for use in the school setting
  • Collaboration among schools, families, and community agencies
  • Individual, classroom, and school-wide interventions
  • "Walk and Talks" - the power of nature in therapy
  • Solution-oriented, solution-focused, and cognitive-behavioral approaches for children, youth, and families
  • Experiential therapy and play therapy techniques for all ages, to be used in counseling/therapy, the home, and the classroom
  • Family systems interventions for use in the school setting
  • Approaches to working with challenging child, adult, and family situations




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